Film Review

Lights Out


Okay I just got home from the cinema and I’m going to write this up while it’s fresh in my mind – stream of consciousness style. Firstly, almost ruined by a gaggle of teenage girls giggling, talking and just being generally fucking annoying right near me. I tried not to let it get to me and just enjoy the film but I was unable to suspend disbelief as much as I would have liked to with their constant silliness. What is the collective noun for teenage girls anyway? *googling*. LOL! It’s a giggle of girls or an attitude or grunt of teenagers.On the whole I would say that it’s an enjoyable film. Lots of jump scares and the tension really builds towards the end. Some characters and dialogue a bit predictable. The ubiquitous black woman from child protective services for example. And they showed the monster very early which I thought they could have held off on for bigger scares later. That being said it was a cool monster. When it comes to horror monsters girl-ghosts are at the top of the list me. Oh and the way they found out who she was didn’t cut it for me, so much left unanswered there. It would have been best not to try and explain it too much and go back to the origin story in the money grab prequel. Not the story its self that was hard to believe, that was cool actually, just how they came across the information. What else can I say? The acting was pretty solid. And I think mostly practical effects which is cool. Based on the internet famous GIF from the internet famous short film, David Sandberg’s Lights Out is a good little horror film, that could turn into a franchise getting even more ridiculous and fun! I would definitely suggest watching more of his short films on his youtube channel, Ponysmasher.







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